One Potato Two Potato

So whats new in the garden?

We have been collecting various seeds over the past few weeks. Different vegetables and fruits that we would like to try our hand with. Some of them were given to us, some were handed out free at our local DIY shop and some we have bought.

We have also been letting our potatoes sprout to create our own seed potatoes. Because lets face it, Potato is king! It is a staple to most meals and keeps for a long time, if stored right. So they are an all important Veggie for us to grow.

Today we found a couple of small gooseberry bushes for sale in Wilkos and decided to rescue them, ready to start our garden off. We just need to get some large suitable planters to put them into.

We have also gotten our selves a poly tunnel greenhouse. The fence that separates the front and back garden is going to be moved up to the front of the house, giving us the much needed extra space in the back garden. Once this is done, we can get to putting the greenhouse up. So we are slowly getting things together and nearly ready to make a good start.

Over the next few weeks we will be starting a herb garden and getting a few other different fruit trees, probably apple, pear and a plumb tree, and a few other fruits that may take our fancy, which we will show you once we’ve found the ones we want. So this will soon be us soon enough:

Image result for garden funny gif

We will be back again soon to share what other things we have been up. Bye for now.

Kiera & Tony

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