Trespassers Will Be Composted

We were given a composter for free by my mum. As we are saving as much as we can, and already trying to cut out expenditure, free is awesome 👍🏻!

I went round to pick it up, after being told by my mother there was a “bit” of dried out 5 year old compost at the bottom of the compost bin. So I went out to take a look……

After taking a look at the solidly packed 3/4 full bin. I thought ‘ sod it I’ll buy one’! Went inside and had a brew.

After giving myself a kick for being a lazy git (got so much more work to do so may aswell start now) and finishing my brew I decided to get to work!

I started by using a fork to break it up a bit!

Then I spent the next god knows how long, emptying it into the brown wheelie bin.

I finally finished and was rewarded with this beauty…

Full Monty Baked Potato!
Cheese, bacon, sausage and onion! 😋

I finally got the Compost bin home and it’s now in prime position in the garden. The first lot of peelings etc have gone in. I was given a box of compost maker, but I won’t put that in until there is quite a bit more in there.

Stay with us and see what else we do on our journey towards self reliance.

Kiera and Tony

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