Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Today we finally made a start on the garden. It felt great to be doing something, but the garden is like a bog after all the rain, so the timing may not have been the best. But We got our wellies on and thought sod it!

It was man (and woman) V’s Stump!

There are a few stumps in the garden, 3 huge ones, a smaller one, a really tiny one (that Tony knew was there and I didn’t, but made me add it to the stumps count because he removed it with a few chops of his spade) and another small one that will probably not need to be dug up because of where it is.

I made the worst ever executive decision to go for the biggest and baddest stump in Tony’s absence. I had made a start first and got rid of a tonne of rubble that was in the soil.

Tony joined in and we exposed some of the root and realised it was a tad, lets just say…. ambitious. It was much much bigger than we thought and the roots were massive!

There was so much water that even as we dug, it started pooling in the space. We kept at it for a while before coming to the realisation that we were not prepared enough for this job and were going to have to rethink how we get rid of the 3 big bad stumps.

So what did we do? As there were other stumps on the other side that were a lot lot smaller, we decided to tackle that first.

Luckily the smaller stump was rotten and we (but mainly Tony) dug round it chipping away at the root with his spade. The ground on this side of the garden wasn’t as sloppy and made for easier working.

Eventually Tony levered the stump out like a Hero!

Then we filled in the hole with the dug out soil.

We were officially knackered by the time we’d finished! So sat outside to cool off and have a brew!

It feels like we’ve accomplished something, even though its not exactly what we had in mind. Once the weather is better and the ground dries out, we’ll be able to do a lot more.

Until then we’ll continue doing what we can, aswell as working on making our handcrafted gifts that are for sale in our shop section.

Bye for now

Kiera and Tony

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