Cooking Up a Storm

The past few days I have been experimenting in the kitchen. I tried a strawberry Jam and a plum jam using different ways of cooking it. I also baked some bread that didn’t quite go to plan but tasted good anyway.

I firstly made the strawberry jam. I had two punnets of strawberries that were in dire need of being used. So I put them in a water and vinegar mix to get rid of any nasties, and looked up a recipe to follow. I have never in my life made jam, so all my trials are just that.

I didn’t have quite the right amount of strawberries so I altered it to suit. I got rid of the leaves and chopped them in half, then added the lemon juice. I also added pectin to the recipe even though it wasn’t on the list of ingredients just to help it to set.

So I have got to say that it would not heat up fast! I couldn’t get over 106 c and when I finally got high enough it burnt a bit, but not noticeably to affect the favour. But eventually it was done!

In the mean time I had sterilised some jars, and once I had made the Jam I canned it to give it a shelf life so that I can store it in the cupboard. The strawberry jam had froth on, but I didn’t know to remove it before putting it in jars. I knew for next time.

The plum jam I decided to do in the bread machine. I noticed that the bread machine had a jam setting and looked it up. The recipe said to cook for 1hr.40min but I couldn’t change the setting so it only cooked for 1hr05 min. It came out more like a preserve than a jam, but still delicious and could also double up as a plum pie or crumble filling!

While the jam/preserve was cooking I sterilised the jars using the same method as with the strawberry jam, and boiled em’ up .

After the jam/ preserve was cooked I poured it into the prepared jars and put the lids on. Then I canned the jars,  again by covering with water and boiling for 10 minutes.

After making lots of jam I thought I would make some bread to eat it with. Feeling lazy I though I would use the bread machine. Well it wasn’t a good idea. I followed all the instructions and turned the machine on, and well nothing happened . My bread machine was broken. That will teach me for being lazy!

So I tipped all the ingredients in to my mixing bowl and went about combining it by hand. It was really sloppy so I added more flour a bit at a time until I got the right consistency, and then went about kneading it. Once I had kneaded it for 10 minutes, I placed, it into an oiled bowl,  covered it with oiled cling film and left it in a warm place to rise.

After an hour I checked on it and it had doubled in bulk. I knocked it back, covered it back over and left it to rise again for 1hr 15min.

But although it had doubled again, it had spread outward, so it was a flat round shape. I put an egg glaze on and cooked it on a recommended heat for a different recipe (as I am totally making it up as I go along at this point), but my oven cooks really fast and it burnt on top. 😦 However it did taste great! I had raving reviews from the kids, so it must have been good! So of course I opened a plum jam to try 🙂

This was the original recipe, but I have to say a couple of days later and it is still soft and light!

As always if you have any great recipes for us to try please send them our way.

Thanks for reading!

Kiera & Tony

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