Sowing the Seeds of a Better Life

Firstly I’d like to say Hello and I hope your all well.

Like most of you during this time of pandemic, I have been isolated due to my daughter being ill a week or so ago, following government guidelines I self- isolated for 14 days, for which the end is in sight.

Still, I have found myself trying to propagate apple trees, cherry trees and a nectarine all from pips and stones during this time.

At first I enjoyed eating the fruit and collecting the pips and stones, then after washing the stones, I placed them on to wet toilet paper on a tray. Keeping it damp all the time (it obviously dried out through the night, so dampened in the morning). I have kept them on the window sill during this time.


After a week and a half, two (just two) of the apple pips have started to sprout/root.

Being in isolation, I can only use what I have available to me, in this case it was the packaging the apples came in, and a bag of potting compost.

Here is where the experimental element comes in. At the bottom of the packaging pot, I put a small layer of used dried tea leaves, and on top of those, a small amount of crushed Egg shell. The shell was crushed to a powder using a spoon (like a pestle and mortar).

Next I topped the pot with the compost and poked a hole with my finger. Then placed the seed pips into the holes made.

Then I covered over, watered, labelled and then placed back on the window sill.

Now I’m waiting for the first shoot to emerge, fingers crossed. I have more to watch out for and pot as I get them rooting.

I know its slow going at the moment, and we appreciate you staying with us very much in this difficult time.

Til the next installment,  Stay safe, Stay well

Tony & Kiera

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