Mucking Around on Lockdown

After drying out the pepper seeds from the post Dig it, Build it, Grow it, I wanted to make sure I sowed them properly. I read up first, as I think I may have done the strawberry seeds wrong, so didn’t want to mess this up.

I created a mix of Compost and tea leaves, I crushed egg shells with the pestle and mortar to add calcium then added that to the mix, and then added some soil and some horse manure. Gave it a good mix with water and filled up the seed tray.

I then added 4/5 seeds into each one, and covered them over with some more of the compost mix. Peppers are meant to sprout quite quickly, so I will keep an eye and hope that it works out. Its all trial and error and we are learning as we go. Of course if they grow I will do my happy dance and post lots of pictures (of the peppers not my happy dance 😀 ).

Although we are trying to grow our own apple tree’s, we wanted one that was a little (lot) further along. So with the current state of the world, and being on lock down, we ordered a discovery apple tree online.

I was disappointed in how it arrived. I really hope it will be ok after being wrapped up like a mummy and bashed around while being delivered.

I hadn’t yet got everything I needed for planting it in the flag stone planters that Tony and I had built, so I found the biggest pot I had and filled it up with the rest of the soil/compost mix I had made for the pepper seeds, put the tree in and topped it up with wet compost. I placed the pot in the flag stone planter just to see how it would look, and we are both happy with the result. Lets just hope the Discovery apple tree survives.

That’s all for today. We haven’t been able to do to much recently, but we will do what we can when we can. We will hopefully have more plants soon, either delivered or sprouting, that we will share with you.

Until the next post, stay safe and stay well.

Kiera and Tony 

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