Growing Our Dream

We’ve had quite a few exciting things happen in the garden over the past week. We have finally got the raised beds down!!! WOOHOO!!! We started by laying them out, then hammered them in so they don’t move. The soil in the garden is mostly like clay, so now the weather is warm, it is no longer easy to get the spade in the ground, so filling the raised beds with some of the soil from around the big stumps is proving difficult. So we only put a bit of the soil in from what we could dig, then a layer of bark, a layer of cardboard and then a mix of manure and compost on the top. We won’t put manure in them all though as some of the vegetables we want to grow don’t like it.

We managed to fill one and decided to plant some Purple Sprouting Broccoli. We are now waiting on a huge delivery of compost to fill the rest of these bad boys!!!

My sister told me she was shredding braches after tidying up her garden, and left us bags of shredded wood, for us to use in the rest of the raised  beds. We will mix this with compost and soil and then put the cardboard layer down, then the compost on top.

We have also finished the last of the stone circles, ready for fruit tree’s when we can get them (or grow them). We already have one Discovery apple tree that is still currently in a pot, but once the compost is delivered, that will be planted. We may also build a rectangle shaped one, to plant the gooseberries in.

I ordered some Strawberries that were delivered a few days ago. I was worried that the strawberry seeds that we planted weren’t going to sprout as I thought I’d sown them wrong.  But as Tony said ‘nature knows what it’s doing’ and he was right. They started to sprout a couple of days ago, only 2 so far but we’re happy. So the plants that I ordered came bare root and looking very sad and dry. Now they are planted up and already looking a lot better than when they first arrived.   

In the last three days the Pink Lady apple seed that had started sprouting inside the apple in the post Dig it, Build it, Grow it, had made is appearance This one was very exciting, its noticeably bigger each day, and will need repotting very soon.

That’s all for now from the garden, but we’ll have more to fill you in on soon.

Look after yourselves. Bye for now.

Kiera & Tony

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