First Steps Towards Self Reliance

Happy Easter everyone!! We had a visit today from the Easter Bunny! He left the munchkins some chocolatey goodies in our empty stone planters and raised beds.

We have been making some great steps in the garden recently. From the last post you have seen we now have the raised beds down, and broccoli seeds sown. The broccoli has already started sprouting, When I was planting the seeds, the pot blew over and they went everywhere, so the straight rows have now gone out of the window and they are sprouting wherever they happen to have landed!

We have also finished building the stone planters, after deciding to use the left over crazy paving that wasn’t used on the circle planters, to build a rectangle planter for the two gooseberry bushes. After that had been built it was just a case of tidying up the bits of rubble and add that to the ever growing rubble pile in the corner of the garden.

We planted the Discovery apple tree in one of the circle planters. We placed a layer of weed control fabric down first (the reason we put that down, is so we can take the tree’s with us when we can finally move) and then filled the planter with compost, and transferred the apple tree from the pot into the planter, then trimmed the fabric right back.

As we are still waiting on the delivery of compost, we decided to start the cauliflower off in seed trays and hopefully be able to get them growing. Fingers crossed 🤞.

The apple seeds are coming along nicely. I have made a little video of their progress so far.

The strawberries are also making an appearance, we now have 6 little sprouts coming through.

Our garden really is coming along nicely so I put together a little video of the progress so far. It feels great to see how far we have come.

That’s all for now, the next few days are going to be filled with lots of weeding, so wish me luck!

Take care and stay safe,

Kiera & Tony

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