Sprouting in Spring

Things are growing nicely in the garden with all this beautiful sunshine. Its just a shame that the compost still hasn’t been delivered, meaning the raised beds are still empty bar the one that has already been filled.

The Purple sprouting Broccoli has really started to grow. Although there are no neat rows and its just growing where ever, because of the seeds blowing over when I was sowing them. We will see how they get on competing for space.

The Cauliflower have also just started to sprout in their trays, and the potatoes are also growing nicely in their sacks, so its just a case of earthing up every time they peep over the compost.

The peppers are growing like crazy, and will need to be transplanted into a bigger space soon, as there are a few seedlings in each section.

The Pink Lady apple seedlings are also doing well. After Tony’s post Going Potty in Isolation, I also potted these two beauty’s.

I also found another 2 pips that was sprouting inside the apples, so these have been planted too, and one has already started to grow!

We have also had the Pear and the Cherry tree’s delivered. The Pear has been planted in the stone planter, but the cherry is still in the pot it was delivered in due to our lack of compost.

We are just waiting for the Plum tree, Raspberry plant and Rhubarb plant to be delivered, although fingers crossed the compost comes first!!!

That’s all from the garden, we’ll be back soon with more updates.

Stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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