The Best Things in Life are Tree

We got a new addition to our fruit trees on Tuesday, with our newly acquired Fig tree. It came well established and just needed the weeds removing from the pot. Once the weeds were removed we added some crushed egg shells then just topped up the compost and gave it a good water.

I decided to get the hedge cutters out with the purpose of trimming back the Camellia bush, but decided to attack the weird bush/ over grown weed that I really hate instead. So what started as a little trim to cut it back, ended up as a full blown excavation, it had to go! I never did get round to the camellia bush.

Tony made a great planter out of the pallet that the compost came on. So we put it outside the back door, its going to look brilliant once we fill it with different herbs. I had to tidy up the out door area first though and get all the weeds out from between the flags. All I had that I could use was an old wallpaper scraper. It did the job, but today I am really aching!

That’s all for today, but we will keep you up dated as always. Thanks so much for staying with us on what will be a long journey to self sufficiency. We always appreciate a follow or a share on the blog and if you have any questions about what we have done so far, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe, stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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