Ha-Pea in the Garden

After the terrible winds we had a few days back, our wonderful pea trellis came crashing down! Luckily the Sweetcorn hadn’t been planted out yet in the neighbouring raised bed.

We have now put that back up and secured it with wood that is a hell of a lot stronger than canes and nailed them on, so hopefully it will withstand some windy days now. The peas are doing really well and growing fast, we just need to redo the string on the new wooden posts.

We have lots of things growing now. The herbs are all doing well, and the carrots have made an appearance. We have lettuces growing and sprouts. The Sweetcorn are doing well in their pots and will soon be ready to plant out. The broccoli is well on it’s way as it was the first thing we planted. Unfortunately the cauliflower all died off so in its place we are having a pumpkin patch. We also put the nets on and found a way to keep them higher up so the seedlings have room to grow and are kept safe from the birds.

The pear tree is looking great now, and the apple tree has started growing a couple of tiny apples. The gooseberry bushes are starting to look much healthier since putting them in the stone planter and the strawberries are looking great too.

We are looking forward to hopefully seeing a few strawberries soon, although we will have to beat the birds to them. We may have to move the strawberries closer to the house to deter the birds.

That’s all to report from the garden for now, as always stay safe and stay well.

Kiera and Tony

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