Lazy Sunday

We’ve not been doing anything to strenuous in the garden recently. The soil around the stumps needs to be dug out, but the moods really not struck me to do it.

Sitting in the sun just watching things grow has been amazing. With all this glorious sunshine all the fruit and veggies are really coming along.

The strawberries are growing nicely. If you remember what they looked like when they first arrived, bare root and shoved through the letterbox. I thought there was not much hope for them:

But they flowered lovely and now have some lovely strawberries growing.

The Sweetcorn has now been planted out into the raised bed. It’s a good job we waited, as the pea trellis falling would have squashed them all. Just hoping the birds will leave them alone now, here’s to hoping 😂.

The peas are staring to cling to the string now, starting to climb up. These might just be my favourite to watch grow.

We already have a pumpkin seed sprouting. Not even a week after sowing them. Which I admit, I’m very excited about.

The peppers that we decided to put in pots and keep indoors are starting to get big, three times bigger than the ones that are still outdoors.

The satsuma seeds that we planted are all growing. We also planted a lemon pip, but this time removed the hard shell around it, to encourage it to sprout quicker. We have a green Apple just starting to sprout too. Unfortunately 2 of the pink ladies seedlings have died due to some kind of fungal disease, which I have come to the conclusion is due to me over watering. So lesson learnt. Hopefully I can save the others from the same fate.

All in all most things are growing great! And we’re learning from what goes wrong.

We hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine. That’s all for now, stay safe everyone.

Kiera & Tony

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