Peppers, Peppers and Oh Yes.. Peppers.

After blitzing the garden as best we could early in lock down, its now just a case of letting things grow and hope for the best. Some of our earlier plans were put on hold and unfortunately will probably stay on hold until next year now.

With the weather being rubbish again all there has been to do is a little bit of re-potting. I did notice that the pea’s are flowering and also the apple tree has decided to randomly grow some more blossom in one spot on it, I think the weather is confusing it.

The peppers in the raised bed aren’t doing well at all, so I doubt we will see anything off them. The 3 peppers that I potted and put in pots are getting big! Whether they will actually grow peppers is yet to be seen, but if they don’t I will keep them inside over winter and hopefully next year we will have a head start with them. It is all a learning curve of course for us both.

Tony wanted to try his hand at growing some chilli peppers. they grew quite quickly in a makeshift seed tray (take away pot covered in a zip lock bag), the seeds loved it and shot up straight away. They have now been planted individually in seed trays. The pink ladies are also doing well, glad Tony is looking after them, because I have managed to kill off 4 so far.

After planting 2 Lemon pips (casing removed off the pip) they shot up straight away. I also planted a couple of mini pepper seeds around the same time (after making the mistake of planting way to many of the bell peppers, 2 seemed enough for an experiment). They have both now been separated and re-potted.

In one of our very early posts from March ‘isolation gardening’, I planted a satsuma seed in a yogurt pot. I thought it was a lost cause and was going to bin it, but it finally sprouted, its now been re-potted. We have way to many satsuma seedlings growing now, 7 in total.

We have been tucking in to our delicious round lettuce that is now ready. So salad has been on the menu A LOT!

That’s all for today, Its all been a bit quiet with not much to report. We’ve mostly been looking for and dreaming of land that we will one day own. Then we can use the skills we are now starting to learn.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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