Fence of Dreams

Build it and the Polytunnel will Come

Tony’s plan of building the fence at the side of the house, was one of the earliest plans. The original plan that was sketched out roughly in the beginning, has now become a reality, with a few small changes to it here and there.

The few things that are different are that we decided to hold off on having chickens for now, so where it says Chicken coup, we plan to put in another large raised bed. We dug up the small bush some time ago, so that has now gone, and the small fence line near the poly tunnel, we decided just to take that out altogether.

Tony started the fence at the front of the house, giving us a huge amount of space that previously wasn’t being used. He ordered the timber from Wicks, and he started by digging the holes, putting in the posts, and securing them with concrete.

He secured the wood to the wall and prepared it ready for putting on the feather board.

Tony finished the rest of the fence about a week later, securing the feather boards on in no time at all. We then all shared the painting duties. We used a dark wood stain and luckily it washed out of our clothes…. because we were covered!! Especially Tony who got painted by Aria.

Once we finished painting the fence, Tony took out the small fence on the other side, so we could get to the space that the polytunnel would go. After all that , and feeling like we had accomplished something, we lit the firepit and relaxed round the fire.

So now the fence was up, we could finally put the polytunnel greenhouse up. We have been wanting to do this since before lock down, and now we were ready. We opened the box and sorted all the pieces, only to find we were a corner piece missing!!! So off we went to The DIY shop, then B&Q and then Wicks, but the only thing close enough was a piece from the electric section. So we got that and a massive roll of duct tape and away we went putting up the new greenhouse.

We decided to duct tape all the joints, as they weren’t very stable, and kept popping out. Once the plastic was put on the frame and tied on to the poles, it was then pegged down. We have had a few stormy days and so far, so good. So keeping my fingers crossed it stays where it is.

Come back soon to see how we get on making and filling the new raised beds.

Thats all for now, stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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