Acorns and Chestnuts

I’ve been feeling a bit redundant in the garden since winter has hit. With not a lot to do except a bit of tidying and rubbish weather, there really isn’t much to write about. We haven’t been on any walks or built anything either, so its all quiet here.

Although we have Tony’s acorns starting to sprout, and the Sweet Chestnuts that he had set aside in a bag to help them start off, have started rooting. (Unfortunately no pic of the chestnuts)

Our lovely poly tunnel didn’t make it. In all that wind a few weeks back, it blew over twice, and the second time was the charm.

So we have been thinking about what we are going to try next in the space where our poor poly tunnel used to be 😞. We have been thinking that maybe a shed might be better suited to our English weather 😂.

Well this is a short post but hopefully there will be more to report soon.

Stay safe and stay well

Kiera and Tony

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