Raising our Hopes

Hi all, hope everyone is safe and well.

After last years experimentation on the potatoes, we decided to change the way we wanted to grow them. Instead of growing in bags (which didn’t yield a big crop just a couple of meals) we want to try for a bigger crop. Having built two large raised beds we have used the first for our potatoes. We are doing it in three stages, a first early pick, a second early pick and a main crop. The first early pick was planted at the beginning of March and already we have growth. The second early pick was planted at the end of March. our main crop will be planted towards the end of April. We will see how we get on.

We have decided to use the second large raised bed for vegetables, in particular carrots, sprouts and cauliflower, still to be planted.

Over the large raised beds we made a netting cage, after being decimated by caterpillars last year. These were made cheaply with batons and hoola hoops then covered with a net, stapled into place.

We have also moved things around a bit, we used pallet collars last year and will again this year, only this time instead of only one high we are now going two high.

In one we have planted red onions, and already they are sprouting up, we have a second pallet collar bed ready for broccoli this too will be netted, frame is built and once netted ready to go.

I have built a new raised bed for the peas, its higher and stronger than the last one and again will be net covered after the Pea moth practically ate most of our harvest.

We are netting most of the raised beds rather than use any type of pesticide, we are trying to keep away from chemically protecting our crops.

As we continue on our journey, we’ll keep you updated. Its been a difficult year for all and hope that it ends soon.

For now, stay safe, stay well.

Tony and Kiera.

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