Sunshine’s Out and Here We Go Again đŸ˜Š

In our last post, Tony showed off his awesome creations for keeping pests and birds off our veggies. We have since been out and sowed most of the seeds for the veggies we going to grow this year.

As we used the first large raised bed for the potatoes, we decided to mix it up a bit for the 2nd raised bed. We sowed carrots, beetroot, sprouts and cauliflower. The Broccoli will be planted later in the month in raised bed 3, and we put some different carrots(The Scarlet Horn from last year, because they were so nice) in raised bed number 2. The sweetcorn is being started off in pots indoors, to be planted out later in the season. Tony drew a quick sketch of everything we have and will plant and which bed they have gone/will go into.

Last year the sprouts were completely decimated by firstly the birds, then when they finely started to grow, the butterflies came and boom! caterpillar city. The cauliflower and onions didn’t grow at all last year, but we did have a nice crop of carrots. The new netted covers are going to really give the veggies a good start this time.

The red onions are growing really fast, every day we have another one poking out of the soil.

As an added bonus when eating an apple I got a little gift :

I thought ooooo the pip is sprouting inside what a bonus. So I cut it open and there were 4! So as usual I can’t resist planting them to see if they will grow.

The rest of the garden is coming to life, plants that I was worried about have all come back. The peppers that we over wintered inside have done really well and I have now moved them out doors, although if the weather takes a turn as predicted they may end up coming inside again short term.

As you can see from the videos we have A LOT of work todo to tidy the garden up and them awful stumps are still there taking up space. But we will get there eventually.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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