The Greenhouse Life

Most of the seeds have been planted and we have a lot that have started sprouting. We are definitely eager to see the difference this year with the hula hoop netted frames Tony made, after a lot of our veggies either got demolished by birds or caterpillars last year. We feel like we’ve given them a better chance to survive this year. Fingers crossed 🤞.

With our greenhouse up and tables made, we started off some cherry tomatoes and cucumbers for the first time. The peppers have been moved into the greenhouse now and are Finally out of the house, we even have 2 tiny peppers starting to grow already!

The sweetcorn that We started off hadn’t grown at all. We had 2 from last years seeds, that were growing but the new ones we had bought from B&Q weren’t doing a thing. So after taking a look to see what was happening under the soil I knew that none of them were germinating. So I ordered some more seeds from the same place I got them last year. I wish I had got them from there in the first place considering the message I received with the seeds. They are all potted up again and hopefully they will do a little better.

Tony surprised me with some great new shelves for the greenhouse, which are now being used for the many many peppers we have growing.

After a recent trip to Lidl I found a planter among the middle aisles of random junk (not gonna lie, I love looking at what random stuff they have in), but it was a bargain compared to the prices I had seen on line. So today I put it together and filled it with a few bags of compost, and planted a mix of different salad leaves, Cos, lambs lettuce and spinach.

That’s all for now. We will write again soon, stay safe and well.

Kiera & Tony

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