A Quick Tidy Up

We spent a few hours in the brief but enjoyable spot of sun doing a bit of tidying and thinning out of the various veggies, that had taken off because of all the rain.

We started off by weeding the potato bed and planting the last of the seed potatoes. We used some Maris pipers that we had started off ourselves and also some Maris Peer seed potatoes that we had left over from the last lot we planted.

We then thinned out the sprouts, Cauliflower and beetroot. Unfortunately the carrots still don’t seem to be growing in the mixed bed. But the scarlets that we planted in the smaller bed on its own, have really started to come up now and will also need thinning out soon.

We then headed off into the greenhouse to repot our Cherry Tomatoes and Cucumbers. We used some buckets and Tony fashioned supports with the wire we had bought for the pea trellis.

The broccoli was planted out a few weeks ago and has now started to sprout. We used a separate raised bed with the wooden frame with netting. So fingers crossed for a better crop with no caterpillars eating them to nothing.

Although we planted quite a few peas, it seems the birds must have had their share, as we only have a few growing. They are shooting up now though.

That’s all from the garden for now. We will write soon with any updates and show you how all our veggies are coming along.

Stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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