Totally off Our Grid Out and About

Well its been ages since we’ve written so whats been going on with us???

The garden is really coming on nicely everything is growing well apart from the the carrots in the mixed bed which aren’t growing at all. Apart from really really slacking on the mowing and strimming, the garden is looking great. We have already had the rhubarb which is in the freezer at the moment, the apple tree has so many apples on this time and the gooseberry bush is laden (I love love love gooseberries). We have now planted out the sweetcorn, although they don’t look to good, hopefully they will improve now they’re planted out.

So apart from the garden we went off on a camping trip to Shell Island, Llanbedr in North Wales. We went with my sisters and their families. Both my sisters have camper vans, and we had a 4 man tent to sleep in. We had such a good time, we drank some beers, ate lots of food, had open fires and dipped (and I mean dipped because it was freezing) our toes in the sea, we went crabbing and Tony caught 4 crabs and a fish, and possibly battled a few crabs as well😂 and the highlight was seeing the Dolphins right by our camping spot, which was such an amazing experience!

So after having an amazing time, but not so much enjoying the sleeping on the floor part, we returned home with an idea brewing. We liked the idea of travelling round the UK, even if it was just on a weekends or when we could get time off work or in school holidays. It was hard work fitting all the things we needed for camping in the car, Soooooo we decided that our next project for you guys to follow would be to buy a van and convert it into a camper. This would also be beneficial for when we finally have land.

EEEEKKKK exciting. We have been looking for a Van and so far we are finding when we message people, they just don’t reply…… but we remain hopeful. So watch this space!

So everyone as always stay safe, stay well and see you soon.

Kiera & Tony


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