New Potatoes Baby

We finally got our first batch of new potatoes. We decided to dig up 1 row of the first early’s that we planted, to see how we got on this year compared to last year.

This was last years whole crop:

This year we had the large planter that we filled only with seed potatoes of three different varieties and at different times, we hoped that this year would see us with a bumper crop.

As you can see we already outdid last year and this was only one small section and we got enough to feed 5 and they tasted absolutely delicious 😋!

We had them with bacon and peas, I had quorn bacon and the others had the real stuff.

Can’t wait for our next meal 😋.

In other garden news, we have had quite a few strawberries and the yellow raspberries have also started to ripen. the blueberries aren’t far off, and the pink raspberries are starting to come through too.

Our gooseberries will be ready in about a week or so, so I’m looking forward to a some gooseberry fool.

That’s all from the garden for today. Stay tuned for our next blog post, to see how we are getting on with the van conversion.

Stay safe and stay well

Kiera & Tony

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