Work begins

So as you all know we bought our sprinter van to convert into a camper, and we got started in removing pieces that we knew we didn’t want for the plan that we had.

We started by taking out the panels and batons behind the drivers seats because we plan to have swivel chairs to be able to incorporate them into the seating. While removing the batons and insulation on the ceiling of the van, we realised that a lot of things were stuck with silicone and expanding foam, there was also duct tape everywhere. There was a lot of rust and bare metal, so we knew that it needed to be treated.

We also noticed that water was leaking in from the sky light and from the doors, so it made us worry about the floor. So we made the decision to strip the whole van back to its bones and pull the floor up.

This was not an easy job. The batons and insulation were glued to the floor and we had make sure everything was up and the silicone and foam scraped away. We were so glad we did pull it up as there were holes and rust everywhere.

We had to also go over the ceiling and sides to make sure no expanding foam or silicone was left, scraping this off meant lots of scratches on the paint, which needed to be covered straight away.

We then completely cleaned down the van, and painted over the sides and ceiling with Hammerite paint over the places with exposed metal.

Today we bought an angle grinder to go over all the rust on the floor. Tony had a fun time with that and then went over the harder to reach places with wire wool.

He then painted over all the exposed metal with red oxide paint to prevent any more rust. As you can see, it looks like a blood bath 😂.

So work has now finished for a week so. We will soon have the engine and bodywork sorted and once that’s completed, we can begin the build.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our post. Stay safe and stay well.

Kiera and Tony

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