The Slow Road

Hello! Sorry we haven’t written anything for a while, but its all been a little slow going. We have been doing our best to source new doors. All the doors are rusted through, and we have managed to find the cab doors and the back doors, but we still haven’t found the side sliding door as of yet. So that meant a few trips out round Manchester in the Van and hopefully soon, another trip to get a sliding door.

Tony has spent some time removing any surfice rust on the doors we bought, and covering the treated area with red oxide paint. The back doors we bought were unfortunately off a dark green van, Tony has started stripping that paint right back and will prime them ready for painting. Tony did find a small crack under the door handle that can hopefully be easliy fixed with a little welding. After taking the paint down only off of half of one door, we now have green front windows (might have been a mistake to do it outside the house).

I also bought a front wing piece off of Ebay, and it was a big mistake. Parts of it were rusted right through and it was completely unusable. So unfortunately I have taken that as a lesson learnt on buying second hand parts without seeing it in person first.

The welding is booked in for the 17th August. So that will hopefully mean no more floods and we can then start moving forward with the build. The other mechanic work will hopefully be done around the same time, then once thats all done and the new doors are on, we can get it sprayed.

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