Spring has Sprung

It’s been amazing watching everything start to grow again, although it’s been such a mild winter that some of the plants were sprouting as early as January. We have blossom on the peach and nectarine trees and the other fruit trees are starting to bud now too, and the great mark of spring is the wonderful sight of the wild garlic growing.

So far we have done a bit of weeding and cleared out the greenhouse. We have moved the bed that we will use for the peas, but the trellis part broke in the storms so we will think of something to make or fix the old one.

We started off the greenhouse plants and are still deciding what to start off for the outside raised beds. I got a gift bag of lots of different seeds for Christmas, so we are going to make the most of those and we also went out and bought lots of seeds and have filled our new seed box, so we have lots of options.

This year in the greenhouse we are growing 3 types of tomatoes, Money Makers, yellow pear and black cherry. We are also growing Marketmore cucumber, Jalapeño, Red lettuce and Chard.

Once we have topped up the raised beds with compost, we will let you know what we decided to grow.

Until next time, stay safe and stay well,

Kiera & Tony

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