The Garden in April

I love the garden in Spring! The tree’s have some lovely colourful blossoms on, the leaves on all the fruit bushes have all peeped out and the rhubarb has finally started to emerge. The herb bed has some lovely fragrant Wild Garlic which is begging to be made into cheese and wild garlic scones.

We have finally sowed the seeds for this year, and the first lot of seed potatoes have been put in the raised beds. First we put a nice fresh layer of compost on all the beds making sure they were all still weed free before we started. We tried a different way of doing the potatoes this year. instead of the mounds we have done prevously, we made a hole and popped the seed potatoes in and covered them over.

The other large raised bed has a mix of different vegtables in. Radish, Beetroot, Sprouts (yes we are trying again even though we have failed 2 years straight), Cauliflower and Parsnips.

We have a seperate raised bed for Broccolli, one for carrots and one for red onion. The red onion raised bed already had some red onions growing from the onions that bloomed last year, which was a nice surprise. The far bed we have put some asparagus, which if they do grow we won’t be able to harvest any for a couple of years just so they can get established, but they will hopefully come back year after year. We will also use the raised bed with the aparagus this year to grow pumpkins later in the year. The peas have been started aswell in there origional place from 2 years ago, as last year we got a grand total of one pod! as aposed to the hundreds we got the year before.

The seeds we started in the greenhouse are now sprouting into some beautiful seedlings. I really get a kick out of seeing them popping through the compost.

We took a visit to my sisters land where she keeps her horses and got a few bags of horse poop to put on the strawberries and rhubarb and a few other plants. I tidied up the strawberry plants, taking out the dead leaves and shoots and added some of the manure and some fresh compost. I also bought some new strawberry plants that were on sale at Lidl and found them some new homes in some pots and in some hanging pots that I bought from B&M that fit onto the fence.

In other news, Tony has been doing some work on the van when we had the lovely weather. He has been taking lots of pictures as he’s been going along, so we will write a seperate post when I can get my hands on the picture or maybe I can get Tony to write one.

Thats all for now, I will try and write some posts closer together. I admit to being a touch lazy on the writing side at the moment, but I will try and get my butt in gear.

Stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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