The Garden, Van and a Trip to Wales

I have been writing this post for weeks and every time I come back to it the garden has changed again. I really need to be a bit more consistent with writing but honestly life just gets in the way sometimes. So please forgive the pictures being a bit out of date.

The pea trellis is finally back up after it was snapped in the storms earlier in the year.

As I wrote in the last post, we moved it back to the original spot that we grew the peas 2 years ago, as last year we put it to far into the shade of the hedge and they just didn’t grow. Tony secured it back on to the base with some added support, so keep your fingers crossed for us that it now stays up.

This year for the Tomatoes (Black Cherry, Yellow Pear and Money Maker) We have gotten some grow bags and Tony Made a lean to frame for them to grow up. We decided to try this out rather than use the buckets like we did last year.

We had only planted two cucumber seeds this time and one had grown and the other hadn’t. So we put that in a pot with wire around it and canes for support. But we thought we may as well put the other one in as well, just in case it grew and that has since sprouted too.

The chard and lettuce are doing ok, and we the jalapeño’s have also coming along slowly. We could probably start eating the chard soon. We have loads of Potatoes growing. Half of them are ones from last year that we had accidentally left in and gave us the gift of future potatoes. All the strawberries are doing really well, and our pear tree had its first blossom this year and we have the first few pears growing and same with the cherry. The apple tree is covered this year and the gooseberries as ever haven’t let us down. The rhubarb is also growing nicely, getting ready to be made into a pie 🤣.

We went on a weekend away to Wales a few weeks back with family and friends. We had a lovely break roughing it in a tent, and yes it rained. We came back with a renewed enthusiasm to get the van done and semi ready to go again at the end of September.

Tony has been working on the van doing some of the work on the front end. He took off the bumper and both the rusted side panels, got rid of and treated any rusted areas, then painted it. He then fitted the new side panels we had bought a while back. Unfortunately the bumper brackets were broken when it was removed so we have just had the new ones delivered ready for that to be put back on.

We are hoping for some good weather over the next few weeks so we can do a bit more work on the van. There is a lot of welding that needs doing and we are still deciding weather to do ourselves or to take it to a body shop and just pay to get it done and ready to start the inside. We will keep you updated on what we decide to do.

That’s all for now, as always stay safe, stay well and enjoy the garden.

Kiera & Tony

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