Stumps be Gone

Ahhhh those dreaded stumps. We have been trying to get rid of those tree stumps for years. We wrote about trying to remove them ourselves back in February and March 2020 on post Planning and Planning Some More and Not All Heroes Wear Capes and had no success. The tree stumps three just proved way to much for a shovel. So back in 2020 not long after our failed attempts we contacted a Stump removal company (Tarporley Tree’s & Garden Services) and got as far as a quote when we were thrown in to Lockdown.

Well last week we had a shiny new fence after the panels were blown out in the winds some weeks back So with the garden looking half decent it prompted us to contact Tarporley Tree’s & Garden Services again and see if they could come and finally after 2 years (but actually more like 7 years since the trees were cut down) get rid of the stumps, so we could put our idea of a perennial food bed in there place.

So as of today we are now stump free!!

We also spent some time today trying to get the petrol strimmer up and running. This was a second hand one that Tony got a few years ago. It hasn’t been used in years and after finally getting petrol for it, it turns out all the hoses had perished. So we have ordered the parts to attempt to fix it and get it up and running. In the mean time I attempted to put some strimmer wire into the rubbish electric one we have and for some reason it just doesn’t go in properly. So we managed to strim as much as we could, before I lost the will to live trying to sort the wire every 5 minutes.

So the garden is looking a bit neater now and the one thing that is growing very well, is the potatoes! Can’t wait to be able to tuck into some.

The tomatoes are growing nicely and our other greenhouse goodies. We have tried some of the Chard and it is very nice, having never tried it before I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I did have it on a salad, but next time I will try cooking with it.

That’s all for today stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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