Weekend Break

Tony and I took ourselves on a second little jaunt in Trevor the Motorhome, wanting a few days just for us. We were just going to use the Park4night app and find somewhere to park up for free but decided we wanted to stay a few nights in one place so we booked a camp site.

We stayed at a site called Hadley Park in Whitchurch. It was a small adult only site and with it being end of season (although it is open March-January) it was really quiet and peaceful. It had a beautiful pond that if you like to fish you can do for free while staying on site. If you prefer glamping they had 3 or 4 glamping pods, there was also a communal area by the pond with a fire pit and chairs and little shed for sitting in. There was a small café open 9-2 and the staff were all lovely.

You could choose to have electric hook up if needed, although we didn’t choose this option as we just didn’t need it. The solar panel on the top of the van charges the leisure batteries, and we don’t use the batteries much only for the TV and occasional light. I added spot lights that were battery powered so we didn’t have to rely on the leisure battery for lights. We use gas for the cooker and the fridge, and although we’ve not had to use them yet, there is a gas heater and boiler. So we just found a nice spot on the edge of the field, as there was no set spaces if you weren’t on hook up.

We spent the first night completely relaxing, eating food and enjoying being on our own in the quiet. Ok not really in the quiet we actually just slobbed out and watched tele (so rock and roll).

On Sunday we took a walk down the towpath as the canal ran just behind the site. We followed the canal up into Whitchurch town centre. With it being a Sunday all the shops were closed, but it was nice to walk around and see all the nice buildings. Having been ridiculously lazy lately the walk back was a challenge, but we made it.

We cooked tea using the oven for the first time and enjoyed the last novelty night on our own before it was back to the mad house and the kiddos.

We plan to have power steering put on Trevor soon. I have found a company that puts power steering on Talbots, they are in Stratford-upon-Avon (so a bit of a trek) but they allow you to stay over night when having the work done. So when we have got in touch with them, we will keep you posted on how that goes.

That’s all for this time. See you on the next trip.

Kiera & Tony

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