Its Nearly Spring 2023!!!

Its a new year and we’ve once again been absent for a while, hibinating like bears. We haven’t been up to an awful lot over the winter, but we’re hoping thats going to change in the up coming months.

We decided to have a little jaunt in Trevor the Motorhome at the end of January, we wanted to go to a great pub called the winking man in Leek. They have a rock night once a month and you can go up and stay on the carpark in your camper. We were all set to go, Trevor had been started the day before to make sure he would go, we’d stocked up on the essentials then on the day, we turned the key to be faced with nothing! not even a courtesy ticking over. My sister assembled the avengers (also known as my siblings) and we managed to bump start it, concluding that it was probably the starter motor. We did manage to make it to The winking Man that night, but Tony had to be the designated driver and drive us in the car.

The next week Tony tried some new relays first before ordering a new starter motor, just to see if it may have been the cheaper option before spending lots of money, but it definitely wasn’t that. So we ordered the new starter motor off Ebay and Tony got under the hood and fitted it, bringing Trevor back to life. So he is now ready for us to try again on our next trip to the Winking Man at the end of the month.

Garden News

We are going to be making some changes in the garden we were hoping for this week but even though Tony started yesterday we were soon snowed off. We want to move the beds into a sunnier part of the garden, build some new ones and move the green house.

Tony had scaffolding boards delivered today ready to build the new raised beds. He marked up where they are going and had done some digging before the weather turned to bad.

The pictures show what the garden looks like at the minute. Also the blue wooden markers where the new beds will go.

When we move the green house, we will be ordering some new polycarbonate sheets for it, as it’s mostly just a frame at the moment after the winds took their toll over winter. we are looking forward to how the garden will look once we’ve finished. It may mean we miss out on some of the early planting, but it will be worth it in the long run.

That’s all for now, but watch this space.

Kiera & Tony


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