About Us

Hi, welcome to our website Totally Off Our Grid , a name brought to life from us both being a little crazy and the start of our crazy off grid adventure.

Having looked at other people who are living the dream, watching YouTube and reading up on other peoples journeys living off grid and off grid travel, they all seem to start from people already having the land or van and starting to build a home. We decided to start documenting our journey from day one! Day one for us means day one. Not only do we need to buy the land and a van, we also need to raise money for the land and learn a huge amount in the process.

This is us, my name is Kiera and my partner in crime is Tony. We are both currently living a pretty standard life; work, bills and rented accommodation. When Tony and Myself met, his dream and passion of being in the great out doors surrounded by trees and my love of the country side brought forward the idea of living as self sufficient as possible on our own land and hopefully converting a van to do some off grid travel.

When we sat and thought about our dream, it seemed very far away, so we decided to bring it a little closer. We are starting to prepare ourselves for a life that may not be an easy one, but will be a fulfilling one. Starting out learning how to grow our own food felt like the best starting point, by making the garden into a vegetable plot and learning as we go. Using as many reclaimed items as possible and starting to gather things we will need now and finding things along the way we may also need in the future.

We are starting now to develop a way to generate income, which will help us reach our goal faster and help us gain more skills. We will also be selling what we make on our website and Facebook, so keep an eye out for updates.

Thanks for taking a look at Totally Off Our Grid. We will keep you updated with all our developments and all our wins and failures, because both help us learn. Wish us luck!!