Stumps be Gone

Ahhhh those dreaded stumps. We have been trying to get rid of those tree stumps for years. We wrote about trying to remove them ourselves back in February and March 2020 on post Planning and Planning Some More and Not All Heroes Wear Capes and had no success. The tree stumps three just proved way … Continue reading Stumps be Gone

Gardening in the Sunshine

Yesterday was glorious! Wow! The first real sunny, get the garden furniture out, mow the lawn, eat outside kind of day of the year! It was nearly enough to make you forget the world has gone absolutely batshit crazy! It was a blessing to what has been a difficult time stuck in isolation, and the … Continue reading Gardening in the Sunshine

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Today we finally made a start on the garden. It felt great to be doing something, but the garden is like a bog after all the rain, so the timing may not have been the best. But We got our wellies on and thought sod it! It was man (and woman) V's Stump! There are … Continue reading Not All Heroes Wear Capes