The Chocolate Hub

Shameless Plug …… The Chocolate has been a side hustle of mine for many years. I have a passion for working with chocolate and making sweets like fudge and caramels. Please take a look over at The Chocolate Hub Website for full listings.

Below are a few pictures of the work I have done:

To order from that website, just send me a quick message via the contact form, and we can discuss your needs, Payment can be paid via a payment link on izettle card reader (now part of paypal).

Please be aware not all the items I sell can be posted, some items are restricted for local drop off, anything fragile or structured can not be posted. Bars, hot chocolate stirrers, lollies and other solid items can be posted anywhere in UK. Local drop off is CW10 and CW7, and immediate surrounding area. If you are a little further away, delivery can still be arranged with small delivery charge.

You can order the following items via Totally Off Our Grid:

Chocolate Hub Suprise Postal box

2x Chocolate Bar (2 different types randomly chosen) 1xChocolate Rounds (randomly chosen) +postage


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