First Steps Towards Self Reliance

Happy Easter everyone!! We had a visit today from the Easter Bunny! He left the munchkins some chocolatey goodies in our empty stone planters and raised beds. We have been making some great steps in the garden recently. From the last post you have seen we now have the raised beds down, and broccoli seeds … Continue reading First Steps Towards Self Reliance

Sowing the Seeds of a Better Life

Firstly I’d like to say Hello and I hope your all well. Like most of you during this time of pandemic, I have been isolated due to my daughter being ill a week or so ago, following government guidelines I self- isolated for 14 days, for which the end is in sight. Still, I have … Continue reading Sowing the Seeds of a Better Life

Gardening in the Sunshine

Yesterday was glorious! Wow! The first real sunny, get the garden furniture out, mow the lawn, eat outside kind of day of the year! It was nearly enough to make you forget the world has gone absolutely batshit crazy! It was a blessing to what has been a difficult time stuck in isolation, and the … Continue reading Gardening in the Sunshine