Sprouting in Spring

Things are growing nicely in the garden with all this beautiful sunshine. Its just a shame that the compost still hasn't been delivered, meaning the raised beds are still empty bar the one that has already been filled. The Purple sprouting Broccoli has really started to grow. Although there are no neat rows and its … Continue reading Sprouting in Spring

First Steps Towards Self Reliance

Happy Easter everyone!! We had a visit today from the Easter Bunny! He left the munchkins some chocolatey goodies in our empty stone planters and raised beds. We have been making some great steps in the garden recently. From the last post you have seen we now have the raised beds down, and broccoli seeds … Continue reading First Steps Towards Self Reliance

Isolation Gardening

Being super fed up and feeling a bit better, I decided it was time to do a bit of gardening. The sun has been shining and we had been enjoying doing bits here and there. We started with some strawberry plants, just putting them in seeding tray and popping them in the window for now … Continue reading Isolation Gardening

One Potato Two Potato

So whats new in the garden? We have been collecting various seeds over the past few weeks. Different vegetables and fruits that we would like to try our hand with. Some of them were given to us, some were handed out free at our local DIY shop and some we have bought. We have also … Continue reading One Potato Two Potato