Compost Crazy

The compost finally got delivered yesterday! So we set to work straight away filling all the raised beds. It took a lot of hours, and with the help of my trusty trolley and bucket, they are all finally filled.

We layered them up with wood chippings, bark, cardboard and compost. There are nine raised beds and 6 of them had manure added in with the compost. In three of the beds,  we left out the manure, so we could plant Cauliflower, onions and carrots.

Raised beds before picture.

As we have limited beds and time is getting on, we are doing our first year growing as an experiment to see what grows well and what doesn’t. Its mostly trial and error for us, and that was the whole point of starting now and learning in a hands on approach before we do finally make the move off grid. We have a lot we need to learn, before we finally make the leap.

So the pepper seedlings were transplanted into one of the smaller beds. They are probably a bit close to each other, but we had a lot of seedlings and limited space. This isn’t even all of them.

We have also sowed the Carrot and Red Onion seeds. These were planted together in one of the large beds  So we will see how well they grow together.

We have Cauliflower sprouting indoors and they will go in the second bed. The peas need to be planted and we have sweetcorn that will be started off indoors. We are going to grow sprouts, still trying to figure that one out in a raised bed, so will be doing a bit of reading up. That should leave us one small raised bed to try something else. Until we have the greenhouse up then we can get some other veggies on the go.

In great timing, the final tree got delivered too yesterday. Its a Victoria plum tree and only little but looking good. So the final stone circle was filled in and the last tree planted.

Then lastly the stone rectangle was finally lined and filled, and the gooseberry bushes planted. The red gooseberry plant is not looking to great, so I wasn’t sure weather to plant them together or not. But in the end we decided to put it in and hopefully its new home might help to sort it out.

We potted our mint and also had some more raspberries and a rhubarb plant that will need a home soon, as they are just in some fairly small pots at the moment, so need to make some space asap.

That’s all from the garden for now, I can barely move today after all that digging and lifting so I’ve spent today with my feet up. So as always stay safe and stay well.

Kiera and Tony

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