Dig it, Build it, Grow it

Today I lacked the enthusiasm for gardening, but I always find that I have to do a bit, I just can’t help myself. But all week the weather has been glorious and today well it was so bloody cold!

So what did I do today? It was time to turn the compost in the compost bin, so using a fork I turned it all. It could probably do with some more compost maker on it and a bit more water, so I will do that tomorrow.

 I dug up a couple of mini stumps. Tree’s that had taken root and no matter what I had done in the past to kill them off, they continued to grow. Not any more!

I also managed to bend my fork! But I got the tiny stump out eventually!

After having a salad (yes I did say salad) for dinner, I had the left overs from a bell pepper. We had previously decided not to grow peppers, (mainly because I’m the only one who likes them) but seeing as I now had a load of seeds just asking to be planted, well why not give it a go?

I pulled all the seeds out of the pepper and put them in a glass and filled it with water. After reading a bit about planting peppers, apparently you can tell which are good seeds and which are duds by putting them in water and the ones that sink are the good ones. How true that actually is I don’t know.

So I took out all the floating ones, and kept the ones that sank. I then placed them in the window to dry. So tomorrow, I will check on them to see if they have dried out and I will plant them in seed trays to start them off.

Also today after having an apple for breakfast I noticed the pips inside had started to sprout. One had started of properly and the other had just started to open.

So I did what Tony had done in the last post (Sowing the Seeds of a Better Life), and put a layer of tea leaves and crushed egg shell and compost, and planted the pip. The other pip I left to start off fully on wet kitchen roll, then left it in the window.

So that was todays gardening exploits, not exactly hugely exciting, but what else have I done over the week gone?

I have built another circular raised beds out of the broken crazy paving that Tony pulled up (Pathway to a better Life), trying to copy the ones that Tony had already done. I am not quite as good at these things but I didn’t do to bad, its not quite as neat as the two that Tony built, but it will do.

The Cress that my daughter planted in her makeshift planter is the only thing that has so far managed to sprout…. but then its a good one that grows super fast 🙂

We had a raspberry plant delivered on Tuesday. It will eventually produce dwarf raspberries and doesn’t grow very big (only about 50cm). It can go in a planter or in the ground. So we have started it off in a small plant pot with mostly compost and some soil, then once it gets a bit bigger and the roots start to show from the drainage holes, we will decide weather to get a nice large rectangular planter and repot it with some canes or plant it straight in to the ground.

That’s all for today. Please stay safe and well.

Kiera & Tony

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