Whats Been Happening with Us?

The truth is not a lot!

The garden this year hasn’t received as much attention as last. I feel a bit guilty as the van suddenly took over our focus. We have had some fruit and vegetables that have done better this year and some that never made it at all. We had great success with our potatoes and carrots. The Cauliflower failed compltely as it decided to bolt, and we had a few broccoli grow before the caterpillars over ran it. The red onions did well, and we had lots of chilli peppers in the greenhouse. The cherry Tomatoes and cucumbers did ok, but we didn’t get a huge amount off them, but I have learnt more on caring for them now so next year will probably be better.

We got lots of beetroot which was a new one this year, and I got to pickling them. I had never done it before, and thought I was meant to peel them, but as my mum informed me, I should have boiled them with the skins on. They tasted good anyway.

The van progress has been on hold while it went off to be welded, its been gone a lot longer than we thought it would be, mainly due to bad weather, holidays and work commitments, but we will hopefully have it back next week and we can start work again.

Tony has been working on all the doors we bought. The green back doors needed the paint stripping off and a few rust patches grinding, then they were treated and have been primed ready for painting.

Thats all really for now, but hopefully on the next post we will have a lot more van updates.

By for now! Stay safe and stay well.

Kiera & Tony

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